Town Planning in Denmark 1945-2010

Translated by Robin Worrall and David Breuer.

Comprising 27 examples of town planning, Town planning in Denmark 1945-2010 is a comprehensive and informative guide to both good and poor town planning in Denmark. The book is aimed at upper-secondary and first-year university students, tourists, politicians, planners and other groups interested in town planning.

The guide has been published in cooperation with the Danish Town Planning Institute, and the examples of town planning featured in each chapter include maps, illustrations and photos. The introduction concisely summarizes the history of town planning in Denmark since 1945. In addition, the book includes timelines covering trends in Danish society during the period and a chapter on the future of town planning.

Danish version
The primary source of the English version is the Danish version  Byplanlægning - et produkt af tiden 1945-2010 . To coincide with the publication of the Danish version, the Danish Town Planning Institute has also produced several method sheets covering various aspects of town planning in Denmark. Like the book, these method sheets are aimed at upper-secondary and first-year university students. The method sheets, which are in Danish, are available at and .


Town Planning in Denmark 1945-2010198,00178,20
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SerieAndre udgivelser
ForfatterAne Rottbøll Jørgensen, Andreas Hvidt, Ellen Højgaard Jensen and Marie Horskær Partoft
Omfang176 sider
Udgave1. udgave, 1. oplag
FagGeografi, Andet

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